Organized October: Relationships

Relationships matter. Love is the essence of life. Spending time with others is one of the most fulfilling tings you can do. Learn to make positive first impressions, but even better, show that you care with your actions over time. You can’t do this consistently without planning. As you plan, sure to include:

  • together time with your spouse/partner
  • family members
  • friends and neighbors
  • coworkers
  • anniversaries, birthdays, weddings
  • recitals, auditions, sporting events, etc.

Important Dates and Occasions

Track reoccurring dates and gift lists for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.

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Coordinating with Family Members’ Schedules

Maintain multiple schedules in one place. Hold regular family planning meetings to discuss upcoming events. Keep in contact with distant friends and family and coordinate times to meet.

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Planning Trips and Vacations

Your planner is the perfect place for your itinerary, packing lists, airline arrival and departure times, reservations, and important contact information such as hotel phone numbers.

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Holiday Planning and Gift Giving

Create a list that you can add to throughout the year when you think of a gift idea for a family member. Make a note in your planner when they mention something they would like. Then when birthdays and holidays arrive, you will already have a list of great ideas. Use your planner’s Address/Phone tabs to keep track of where you send your holiday cards, and designate a place to manage the gifts you give.

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