Organized October: Resources

Our resources help enable us to do the things we love. As we manage our finances, maintain our homes, and keep our vehicles in working order, we enable ourselves to keep lifting, loving, serving, and smiling. Be sure to track these important things in your planner:

  • your annual budget
  • income/pay day
  • savings plan
  • car maintenance and registration
  • bill payment schedule
  • tax filing notes
  • investment details
  • subscription renewals


Keep track of your scheduled car and house maintenance items such as oil changes, furnace checkups, and rain gutter cleaning. Use your Address/Phone Tabs to update your maintenance contacts. A: air conditioning, C: car repair, D: dry cleaner, etc.

Leadership Address-Phone TabsMason Leather Binder

Finances and Bill Payments

Track when you have payments due such a mortgage, car insurance, or car payment. Mark each payday in your planner.

Textures Ring-bound Weekly Planner, Tyler Leather Zipper Binder

Manage Subscriptions

Know when your subscriptions should be renewed, cancelled, and when you’ll be billed. Cable, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Her Point of View Ring-bound Daily Planner, Classic Noblessa II Strap Binder

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