Organized October—The Productivity Pyramid


This year for Organized October, we’re focusing on the Productivity Pyramid. This is a visual representation of the four key actions that will keep you in active pursuit of the things that matter most to you. We chose a pyramid shape because it’s the strongest structure that can be built.


Living the life you’ve always dreamed about takes discipline, but with focused effort on each step of the Productivity Pyramid, your goals can be within reach. Over the next four weeks, we’ll discuss each section from the base to the peak, so you can gain a stronger understanding of what it is and why it works! We’ll go over each section in detail here.


Simply click on a section of the pyramid, as the weeks of Organized October go on, to learn more.


Good luck and may this be your best Organized October yet!

10 Replies to “Organized October—The Productivity Pyramid”

  1. This is awesome! I plan to apply these principles to my building a solid foundation for my business. I love the opening sentence, “In order for it to stand, the base of any pyramid has to be solid.” In order for my business to stand, the foundation has to be sold.

  2. I love the links within the picture, I like how it organizes the separate pages into one set. =) I have bookmarked this page of yours!

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