Organized on Campus

For those of you with college students who plan to live in the dorm, the time has come to prepare them for living in a small space. And with several roommates sharing the space, there won’t be any room to be disorganized. So with that in mind, here are seven essential dorm room solutions to use every inch of available space:

Laundry – when it comes to dorm room laundry, you’re going to want something strong and flexible that fits into their closet. This Large Laundry Bag is strong enough to make the trip to the laundry room and can fit into oddly shaped spaces.

Use the Wall Space – with desk space at a premium, cluttering it with files isn’t an option. Rather, they can hang files on an unused wall with the Wally Office Organizer.  With separate pockets for papers and files, it keeps assignments and reports from different classes separate and accessible.

Maximize the Closet – closets have valuable vertical space that can go to waste. This Bamboo Hanging Organizer helps fill that space with shoes or other essentials.

From Door to Pack Rack – Backpacks take up valuable floor space, so hang them up on an over-the-door hook like the Back Pack Rack.

Desk Extensions – You can add some extra desk shelves with the Birger Classic 2-Drawer Chest. It helps keep small capacity drawers from overflowing onto the desk, and looks great, too.

Rolling Storage – keeping files and personal gear in a Mobile Storage Center could radically expand your student’s storage capacity – and give them a secure space for important items they don’t want their roommates messing with.

Tech Station – Few things look worse than charger cords strewn across a desk or floor. You can help corral the cables and keep all of their gadgets in one place with the Sanctuary.

Experienced parents of college students – any other dorm room suggestions?


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