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Organized Space Equals an Organized Life

As I watched the competitions in Sochi, Russia, I was struck with an interesting thought: How you start your race determines where you finish.

Events such as the luge, bobsled, and skeleton are won in the first push—the first few seconds of sprinting or clawing their way onto the track. The downhill skiers who won their race were the ones who began the fastest. Even though some were able to make up time near the end of the course, if they didn’t start well, they didn’t have a chance to finish strong. Nowhere is it more evident than in short track speed skating. Those who don’t grab the lead early are left fighting for a position for the rest of the race.

The same can be said for us. How we start our day will have a huge impact on how we finish it, and how we begin our year will have a significant impact on what we’re able to accomplish with it.

That’s why this time of year is so important. Starting the year cleaning and organizing your space is paramount to living an organized life. After all, we live our life in our spaces. How much time each year do you spend in your office—the kitchen—the study—the yard—or your car? Keeping these places orderly will make each aspect of your life run more smoothly.

As you are doing your spring-cleaning, don’t forget to check out our family of sites to find organizing solutions for all your favorite spaces. You’ll save yourself hours of time each week by reducing the time you spend searching for things. Then go a step further and plan how you’ll use the time you’ve just saved.

A planner helps make sense of the goals, to-do items, and other random thoughts that can clutter your mind. Your planner will help you better manage your time between work and home, and keep track of your progress toward your personal tasks and goals. Specialized forms for your financial, health, and work goals allow you to watch your progress and remind you to stay on track.

Keep your planner close at hand and take note of all the things you hope to accomplish this year. Then set your goals and get moving. Right now is the best time to organize, plan, and push yourself—so you can end your year strong.

Here are some great tools to help move you toward your goals this year.

Yearly Foldout Calendar 

Check Register 

Financial Supplement 

Menu Planner 

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