Organized October

Using The Time Matrix To Master Your Daily Mindset

Do you want to better maximize your time and effort toward things that truly matter to you? This year during Organized October, we’ll show you how to do that by diving deeply into the Time Matrix. On the surface it may seem simple, but understanding this principle can dramatically improve your productivity.

The Time Matrix is a great way to visualize the different types of tasks we perform each day based on their urgency and importance. Usually the Time Matrix is represented as a square divided into four equally sized squares—but in practice, each of us operates from a lopsided Time Matrix. Most of us have one square that is larger than the rest, based on our current life experiences and our task management mindset. Knowing how we manage our tasks is the first step to becoming more productive.

This month, we’ll walk you through each quadrant of the Time Matrix to help you get a feel for how you manage your tasks, and show you how to alter your mindset for greater productivity. Click any of the boxes below to learn more about each quadrant.

Q1 Urgent & Important : Crises and Emergencies Q2 Not Urgent & Important: Prevention, Planning, and Improvement
Q3 Urgent & Not Important: Interruptions Q4 Not Urgent & Not Important: Time Wasters

7 Replies to “Organized October”

  1. Where was this when I was working with several “balls in the air” and everyone thought their ball was most important?

  2. I had a stroke a few years ago and I have the biggest problem with time management now I have no sense of time at all I live by check list and it drives me crazy could this system help me ya think?

  3. I prioritize my activities using an old Franklin Planner saying, “What Matters Most?” and proceed from there. I write this in the current day in my Planner every day. I even have a cap with that saying embordered on. This gets me through most days. However, I still have a lot of fires to put out.

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