Organizing a Staycation

By Naomi Cook

With today’s gas prices and flight costs rising, taking a simple summer vacation has gotten to be a lot more expensive.  Add in paying for meals and entertainment and say goodbye to even more of your hard earned money.  Oy vey…what a headache!  Why not forgo all that stress, save some money, and instead have a Staycation in your very own home!

Merriam – Webster defines a Staycation as “a vacation spent at home or nearby”.  Turn your home and backyard into an outdoor oasis that everyone in the family will enjoy. Think about how a hotel is set up and organize your home as such, for the whole summer or even just a week!

Start in the kitchen:  Set up an island or part of a countertop for a breakfast buffet/snack bar like you would find in a hotel chain.  Set out those single serve cereal boxes, some fruit and granola bars; maybe even whip up a large amount of pancake batter.  Buy an inexpensive waffle maker and you can have fresh waffles every morning!  Since you are saving money by staying at home, splurge a little here.  Find melamine dishes and bowls and acrylic cups, and stash your everyday dishes and cups up on a higher shelf.  Tie them together with a bright tablecloth and you have a fresh new look.  When you decide to eat al fresco, just take those items outside! 

Head into the great outdoors:  After a nice breakfast head outside for the next phase of the day.  If you are in the mood to relax then set yourself up on your patio or lawn.  Put on some music, bring out your favorite books and/or magazines, and even work on a hobby that you’ve been neglecting.  Keep a cooler filled with your favorite beverages and you’ll be set!  If you are in the mood to get out of the house, then use those at home days to figure out where to go.  If you don’t have a pool at your home or community, consider a membership to a local pool.  Or maybe you’d rather go shopping; an outlet center is a great way to spend a day and most offer coupons for additional savings.  Another idea is to become a tourist in your own city.  So often, our lives get so busy that we can’t appreciate the historical areas and landmarks that our own city has to offer.

End in the bedroom: Use as a sanctuary to rest and recharge after a busy day outdoors.  Put crisp linens and a light comforter on the bed in soothing beach colored neutrals.  Try to keep it as a technology free area, which shouldn’t be too hard, because most TV shows are on reruns!  Keep a book on your night table and read that instead. 

However you decide to spend your Staycation, take the time to savor every minute of the day.  Push aside obligations and expectations and put the focus on you.  You deserve it! 


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