Organizing the Manly Spaces

This one goes out to all the men. We’ve got a lot on our plates – work, school, family, hobbies – and let’s face it, sometimes we don’t take time to organize as well as we could. So this Father’s Day, here are a few tips for male-centered organizing:

Garage – Stack It Right

No matter what size your garage is, you’re going to need to use vertical space if you want to park your car or pursue your hobbies. And it’s very likely that you’ll have to share the space with boxes of high school memorabilia, holiday decorations, and bags of winter clothing.

When stacking boxes, make sure the heaviest and least-used items go on the bottom. Then look for additional ways to put things up on the walls. For example, you could set up two sturdy hooks and use this Car Clothes Rod to hang mechanic’s coveralls, rather than have them take up floor space, or hang a Cargo Net and store your sports gear.

Game Room – Hang It Up

There’s one thing about a gaming hobby – it can add up to a lot of things to organize. Game cases, controllers, and other peripherals can seriously clutter up your man cave. If you need more space for your gaming gear, try a Hanging Organizer in a closet. It’s sturdy enough to hold heavy peripherals, and shaped well for holding game cases.

Programming Station – Make Elbow Room

For those guys who like creating things for the digital world, sometimes the physical world gets a little cluttered. Help keep the cords contained with the Cableyoyo.  You can also give them more mobility while charging their main device with the iKeep Charger and get one more cord off the computer desk.

So, men, speak up. How do you organize the male-centered aspects of your life?

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