Organizing with the Time You Have

It’s an interesting exercise to sit back and try to account for every minute of your day. How much time did you spend watching commercials? In your daily commute? Cooking your dinner? All these little segments add up to your lifetime, and so many of them are spent on unimportant things.

So the next time you find yourself with a surprise chunk of free time, here are some ideas on how you can use it to get more organized (before you pull out the smartphone and fling some birds):

15-Minute Projects

– Sort out a single shelf in the closet or a small problem area

– Clear the room of misplaced items and take them to where they belong

– Sort a drawer that needs attention

– Make a task list for the next day on your Sticky Notes Cube


30-Minute Projects

– Sort through your craft desk

– Re-organize the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink (this LaCrate helps)

– Sort through your coupons and use page markers to mark those that are about to expire

– Add decorative boxes to your bookshelves and media center– move or donate unused books or movies

How do you spend your spare chunks of time?

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