Ode to The Busy Mother

Mother and child

Here’s to those of you who are literally shaping society—molding the next leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and agents of change. It’s a big job, yet it isn’t your only job. Moms are busy. You’re volunteers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, managers, bus drivers, firefighters—you name it. Even so, Mother is the job title you wear all the …

Balancing Your Production with Your Production Capability

woman, planner and computer

What does it mean to be effective or efficient? In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey defines it as, “getting superb results today (production) in a way that allows us to get those results over and over again (production capability).” Covey calls it the P/PC balancing act. If we focus only …

21-Day Planner Challenge: Replacing Old Habits with New Ones

21 day planner more detail

The desire for change and growth seems to be hardwired in each of us. It’s part of the human condition. We can’t remain stagnant without feeling stuck. Instead, we look ahead and determine where we want to be and what it will take to get there. Yet, some changes can be tough. It’s true that …

The Top 3 Time Robbers and How to Overcome Them

Time Robbers

For some of us, time is a constant, plodding taskmaster—demanding our attention and dictating our actions. For others it’s a welcome adventure—a powerful tool that we use to make the most of our skills, sharpen our talents, dabble in hobbies, and work toward goals. What’s the difference? It isn’t time. Time is unchanging and beyond …

Changing a Lose/Win Mentality to a Win/Win Mentality

7 habits book and planner

One of our Facebook followers asked us how to turn a Lose/Win mentality into a Win/Win mentality. That’s a great question. We live in a very competitive world. We’re all clamoring to get ahead and meet our agendas. Nobody likes losing. But when we’re working with other people, we need a little give and take. …

5 Planner Locations for Tracking Goals from Start to Finish

legacy month

We all want something in life. We want to become better people. We want to have nice possessions. We want to experience new things. The art of setting goals helps us get from where we are now to where life’s prizes wait. Like other art forms, however, achieving a goal takes effort, practice, technique, and …

Tyler Leather Zipper Binder and Cover

Planner detail

The color black signals high performance, whether in sports cars, dinner attire, or our newest collection. Crafted from genuine pebbled distressed leather with semi-structured construction providing extra flexibility, the Tyler Binder features sleek, black rings, two pen loops, two secretary pockets, card slots, and a notepad slot, all secured with an antique brass zipper.