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Amazing Writing Tools


The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association established National Handwriting Day in 1977. Of course, their motive for the holiday was to encourage us to use pens, pencils, and writing paper. They chose a fitting day for the holiday—January 23, John Hancock’s birthday. He was the first to sign the Declaration Of Independence, and he wrote his signature large and clear.


In 1977, National Handwriting Day may have been little more than a sales campaign, but since that time technology has taken its toll on our penmanship. If you’re like the rest of us, chances are you type or text far more than you write with pen and paper. If you think your penmanship hasn’t suffered as a result of all that typing and texting, just compare your signature with your grandmother’s.


Penmanship is an art, but it’s even more than that. As it turns out, our hands are deeply connected with our minds. An article published in the Scientific American, November 2013, titled, “The Reading Brain In The Digital Age: Why Paper Still Beats Screens,” tells us a lot about the science of pen and paper. It cites studies that show that participants who read a paper book could recall information easier than those who only used digital devices. Science has also found that writing notes on paper strengthens our memory better than taking notes on a laptop or phone.


So, what will you do with this knowledge? We suggest you take time to write more. A hand-written thank you note seems to have a deeper impact on the recipient than an email or text. Hand-written journal entries will help strengthen your memory of events and also provide a more personal touch for future generations who may read them later.


No matter how beautifully you write, your writing experience can always be improved with a fine quality pen or pencil. Today we’d like to highlight several pens and pencils that would suit any personality.


The Minimalist

Created with a keen appreciation for modernist design and lasting value, the Century II Pencil offers a bold look and wide girth. A twist-action tip makes it easy to express your distinctive style. The pencil includes three leads and one eraser, and features a lifetime mechanical guarantee.


Century II Pencil


The Doodler

The Vintage MetalSmith Tornado Pen features distinctive antique metal finishes, creative designs on the barrel, state-of-the-art rollerball ink, and a deluxe knurled twist top.


Vintage MetalSmith Tornado Pen, Rollerball


The Idealist

With lush floral designs artfully illustrated on pearlescent ivory lacquer in eye-catching colors, the Botanica Green Daylily Ballpoint Pen features tendrils of deep-etched metallic highlights that bring each element together.


Botanica Ballpoint Pen



With deep-cut engraving on a multi-groove center ring and a rich lacquer finish, the Bailey Fountain Pen delivers executive quality at exceptional value. Its stainless steel nib matches its classic styling, and it comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.


Bailey Fountain Pen 


The Fashionista

Add sparkle to your note taking with this gorgeous metal click pen. With solid sparkling color from end to end, you’ll be sure to glitter all the way.


Glitter All the Way Pen


In honor of National Handwriting Day, why not take a look at our top-quality pens and pencils and commit to improve your penmanship by writing more?

3 Replies to “Amazing Writing Tools”

  1. Handwritten correspondence, seemingly of any type is always appreciated by those who receive it, and, yes by those who
    create these mini stories. Clearly this is an often timeless way to bring out ‘soul’ and allows others to fully comprehend the

  2. Purchasing Franklin’s quad pen nearly two decades ago was an investment in my early career and was a treat for completing my degree while working full time. It’s fallen out of my planner from time to time, but thankfully it reappears each time I think I’ve ‘lost it’ like a dear friend. It has penned goals, dreams, challenges and I love that it’s my pen and pencil all in one faithfully helping me each week as I plan my priorities.

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