5 Standards for Picking the Perfect Planner Pen

Effective planning is more than just a task—it’s a way of life. Supporting this helpful habit with the right pen for your paper planner can make all the difference, whether you’re at the café scheduling your next get-together with an old friend or at your desk turning your pages into scrapbook-worthy memories. Here are five tips for picking the perfect planner pen:

  1. Control the Bleed: Choose a pen that doesn’t bleed through your planner pages. You’ll want to find the right balance in your pen’s ink—it needs to be smooth enough for effortless writing while drying quickly enough to avoid smudges. Rollerball pens strike this balance with a smooth ball tip that dispenses liquid ink from a reservoir inside the pen. Try the Deluxe Tornado Rollerball Pen from Retro 51 or the Cross Edge Rollerball Pen.
  2. Plan in Color: one of the keys to at-a-glance organization is an effective use of different colors. You can use colors to separate work and personal tasks, track appointments for different family members, or just to add visual interest to your planner page. This set of Tombow TwinTone Dual Tip Markers is a space-efficient way to increase your planning spectrum. 
  3. Make Sure the Pen Fits: Your pen is an investment in your daily planning routine, so it needs to fit into the pen loop on your planner. Our binders and covers can fit pens up to .5” in diameter (the size of a small permanent marker). If you want a thicker pen (or a place for an extra pen) you can add an additional Pen Loop.
  4. Find the Right Weight: Some pens have a slim profile from tip to tip while others feature wide contours. Your pen needs to be light enough to handle comfortably, but it also needs to weigh enough that it moves across the paper without too much pressure from your hand.
  5. Plan for the Long Term: Choosing a well-constructed pen will help ensure that you’ll have a writing instrument on hand wherever your planning journey takes you. You can extend your pen’s life with refills—some pen brands give you several different color options. Or if you prefer marker-type pens for planner scrapbooking, you can keep extras at your desk or wherever you create with your planner.

Ink selection, color selection, size, weight, and durability. Reviewing these five factors will help you find a comfortable pen that helps you express yourself in every plan you make—now and for years to come.

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  1. Hi, I have been using a Quad Pen (red, blue, black & pencil) that I bought at Franklin back in the early 90s. I love this pen and it is ALWAYS in my Franklin planner. Never ever gets loaned. It is the perfect pen. The refills are getting hard to find. I think only red is the only one I can find now. 😢. I love my Franklin planner. Only one I’ve used since mid 80s.

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