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Picking a Planner

Why do we buy planners? Perhaps the biggest reason is because we want more free time, and the best way to find that is to plan out your day.64175_lrgcase

The question is, what planner is best for you? Do you want a daily or weekly variety? The answer to that question is personal. You’ll have to decide what works best for you. Typically, a daily planner is great for people who have hectic daily schedules and need to be sure each hour is scheduled (or protected). Others with less frenetic daily schedules may find that their weeks can get out of control. A planner that allows them to see their week at a glance works better for them. You’ll find several great layouts in each variety that can help you make the most of your time.

Look over the planners to find one that fits your personality and needs. If you’re looking for something especially personal, we’ve recently unveiled the FC Studio Wire-bound Weekly Planner with room for daily events, notes, personal inspiration, and even photos. It’s a creative blend of planner, scrapbook and journal rolled into one beautiful package.

You can customize it before you buy it and add even more embellishments after it arrives at your home. For example, you can personalize the front cover with your name and place a photo on the back cover as you are placing your order. Once you start using it, you can add embellishments like washi tape, enamel dots, photos, and your own creative thoughts. You’ll find room to plan and create all in one very organized book.

One Reply to “Picking a Planner”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this planner. I am so glad I got it as it has the perfect amount of space for all of my needs.

    I would only make two suggestions:

    1. Please create a 7 Habits based version. I follow the 7 Habits and like the regular reminders in my planner but the two page a day version is just too much paper.

    2. Provide journals that are the same size as the planner. I take notes in a journal since some days I need pages of notes and other days nothing more than a line, but it is difficult packing around two books that are different sizes.

    Always, keep up the great work~!

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