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Planners for Each School Grade

Teaching your kids to plan ahead is one of the best ways to ensure a successful future. They’ll learn to make and keep commitments, set goals, and work to reach them one step at a time. But learning this vital skill doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes some gentle guidance along the way.

School provides the ideal environment for setting goals and planning ahead. School gives kids deadlines and makes them commit to certain activities. They learn the consequences of being late and see the benefits of a job done right and on time. A good planner can give your kids an edge as they move through school. Of course, we have several great planners, but we’d like to focus on a few specific solutions today.

Elementary School

The Elementary School Weekly Agenda is a fun, wire-bound booklet that encourages kids to keep track of their school schedules. They can track reading and spelling assignments, test days, and class parties. Playful art on the cover and inside the book helps keep your youngster interested as they learn the process of planning.


Middle School / Junior High

Middle School or Junior High brings a new set of challenges with lockers, after school activities, and frenetic class schedules. The Middle School Weekly Agenda teaches your children to create their own opportunities by helping them set priorities, achieve goals, and manage their time. This creative weekly planner incorporates The 7 Habits into your children’s daily planning so they can reach their personal goals.


High School

High School is a community in and of itself—with its own culture, social structure, elected officials, events, and even its own newspaper. Young adults who can manage their schedules thrive in high school. The High School Weekly Agenda takes planning to another level, providing more space for each day of the week, a stronger emphasis on the 7 habits, space for class schedules, and plenty of room to plan for after school activities. The High School Weekly Agenda is an ideal place to keep track of school dance dates, track meet times, dance, theater, or band rehearsals, and even locker combinations.



By the time your kids leave for college, keeping track of their schedules and planning ahead will be almost automatic. As they load up their car with clothes, dorm organizers, tech devices, and their favorite music, they won’t forget to include their planner. The Playlist Planner is perfect for college students. This ring-bound daily planner gives them room for appointments, a to do list, and a whole page for notes. Each spread has a small month-at-a-glance calendar for easy scheduling, plus it’s loaded with entertaining facts and trivia for 12 different music genres. It also includes two-page monthly calendars and two years worth of future planning calendars. Keeping track of class projects and credit hours has never been so fun and easy.

With all the demands school places on kids, it’s interesting to note how little time they spend teaching them how to meet those demands. These planners will help your kids do just that. With the right planner, your students can have a lifetime of guided practice that will teach them the true value of planning and goal setting from elementary school through college.

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