Big Idea 2: Everyone Has Greatness Within Them, Immeasurable Value, And Limitless Potential To Achieve What Matters Most

Big Idea 2: Everyone Has Greatness Within Them, Immeasurable Value, And Limitless Potential To Achieve What Matters Most


You weren’t born to fail. Your talents, interests, and desires can make a difference. However, struggle is a huge part of life. The struggles you face can be hard—even devastating, but they don’t have to destroy your hope. Wayne Dyer said it this way, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


In order to maximize your greatness, value, and potential, you need to determine what truly matters in your life. Until then, your plans will feel incomplete. You may be prompt and productive, but you’ll sense that something very personal is lacking. The secret is to discover what motivates you—to determine your internal catalysts for change.


When you draft a vision of the things you value before you make any plans, you’ll bring clarity to your priorities, and the things that matter most to you will rise to the top of your task lists. You’ll set goals based on the values you hold in your core, and the tasks you plan daily will be rooted in those core values. That way, even if you don’t complete everything on your list in a given day, you’ll rest well knowing that you dealt with the most important things first.


Determining where your values lie, developing your dreams, and defining your goals—takes time and careful consideration. It’s a process that involves envisioning your future, writing, sketching, and pondering. Most importantly, it requires that you record the process in a way that allows you to see it all at once—from the beginning to the end. No technology allows you to do that in quite the same way as paper and pen.


Your Franklin Planner can assist you in determining your values, clarifying your priorities, visualizing your future, and plotting out the goals and tasks to get you there. When you plan intentionally and act on those plans, you’ll increase your self-confidence, and become a significant force for good.


That doesn’t mean that everything you plan will be a sudden success. In fact, obstacles, challenges, and even failures are part of the growth process. As long as the goals your working toward are centered on your core values, you’ll always find the motivation to get back up and continue forward—maximizing your strengths.


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