Preparing For Back to School

Preparing for Back to School

The school year is drawing closer, causing kids and adults alike to feel excitement and stress about the upcoming changes. Kids who are starting school for the first time or moving to a new school have to make the biggest adjustments, but even moving up a grade comes with new challenges. The good news is that a little preparation can make those first weeks of school easier for your kids and yourself.

Get Familiar With The School

If your kids were at the same school last year, you only need to talk about differences they may encounter this year. If they’re starting a new school, you’ll want to take your child to walk around and learn where everything is. The more your child sees of the school, the less they’ll fear the unknown and be more comfortable on the first day. If they’ll be walking to school, walk the route with them. Otherwise, make sure they know where to catch the bus or where to meet their carpool.

Sleep Schedule

Forcing an early bedtime the night before school starts will result in a child who simply isn’t ready for a successful day. Having slept in that morning and trying to sleep with the night-before-school jitters, you can expect little sleep, a struggle to wake up, and everyone’s anxiety to escalate. To prevent this, keep an eye on the calendar and start moving bedtime a bit earlier each night leading up to the first day.

Teach Your Children to Plan

Planning skills aren’t something you’re born with, you have to practice and cultivate them. We devoted an entire blog post about teaching children to plan, which you can read here. Remember to let your children pick out their own planner and teach them how to use it effectively.

Opportunities For Discussion

Before school, prepare your child by talking to them about their feelings. Ask them questions such as “Do you feel prepared? Do you have any questions?”. Avoid asking questions like “Are you nervous?” which will lead them toward anxious answers.

Once school starts, talking to your child about school should become a daily occurrence. Don’t just ask “How was school today?”, but instead ask them to tell you one new thing they did and learned or one thing they liked and one that was difficult. This not only gives you an opportunity to learn what they are doing and how they feel about school, but also provides an opportunity for you to show them that it’s normal to have both good and bad days and it’s important to talk about both.

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Nichole Welch

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