Preparing For Fall

Preparing for Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and as the seasons change, so do the needs of our homes. Although summer isn’t quite over yet, the weather can change quickly and it’s important to be prepared. A bit of attention now will save you costly repairs and aggravation later.

The Yard

Check and trim your landscaping for dead or damaged tree limbs. Cut back bushes, shrubs, and flowers as recommended for your climate zone. Plant bulbs for springtime flowers like tulips, crocus, and daffodils. Check your outside water spigots for leaks, put away all water hoses, and be sure to blow out your sprinkler lines.  Clean off and cover your outdoor furniture and put outdoor cushions away while they’re dry.

The Shed

The change in weather is the perfect time to organize your shed. As you’re filling it with summer items, move them to the back and bring the winter things to the front for better access. Empty the fuel from summer lawn equipment and have blades sharpened and oil changed. If your equipment needs any repairs, get them done now so they’re ready come spring. Be sure to remove any liquids that may freeze.

Home Maintenance

There are many things you should check around your home to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming cold temperatures. Verify all exterior wall water pipes are insulated to prevent freezing and burst pipes, and be sure that there are no holes around your foundation that mice could get in. Check your roof for missing, damaged, or loose shingles and remove any leaves or debris. Clean the gutters, replace cracked or worn weather stripping on doors and windows, and clean on and around your outdoor HVAC units. Prepare your furnace for the heating season with seasonal maintenance.

Start Celebrating 

Preparation doesn’t have to be all work! Get in the spirit for fall by decorating your porch with flowers, gourds, wheat stalks, and pumpkins. Get the blankets out for the couch. Start brainstorming ideas for your Halloween costume. Switch out your wardrobe from summer to fall clothing. Get excited about the new season and everything that comes with it!

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