Protect Your Back to School Tech Items

Do your kids have a smartphone, an e-reader, a tablet computer, or laptop? By the time they’re teen-agers, chances are good they will.

Technology merges into our lives rather quickly. Things that were once rarities—novelty items on the fringes of society, work their way into mainstream use until we wonder how we ever functioned without them—radios, televisions, recorded music. Remember when cell phones were giant bricks that you would only find in luxury cars? Now we see grade-schoolers glued to them.

Being common hasn’t made them cheap—we pay plenty for these devices. It makes sense to protect them from bumps, scrapes, and the elements. Here are some ways to make sure your favorite gadgets last long enough to pay for themselves before you have to replace them.

Velocity BagCover Up

Like anything else, the best way to protect from the elements is to cover up. Get jacket covers for your iPad or e-reader, add thin protective film covers to your smartphone, or find a laptop bag designed for ultimate protection.

Go Hands Free

Our hands are the ideal way to hold our devices, but hands get busy. So do our minds. It doesn’t take much to lose concentration—get caught trying to do too much at once and poof! You’ve dropped your iPad in the middle of your movie. You’ll find several great stands for your devices. Most covers convert to stands, but you’ll also find stands and holders designed for your car, so kids can watch movies on your iPad on long trips, or stands that can rest on your counter when you need a way to hold that great recipe you found online. You’ll also find stands with build-in speakers and keyboard for easier computing and great sound quality. Unlike us, these stands don’t lose their concentration and let go.

Add Flair

Protection doesn’t have to be bland. Give your favorite device some character with quality leather or even solid wood covers. Or find a thin protective film with the ultimate image or design that expresses who you are and what makes you tick.

Untangle the cords

Who hasn’t struggled with the rat’s nest of cords on the counter? We lose precious time finding the proper charging cord for our devices. We also run the risk of knocking something to the ground while we’re trying to plug in something else. Finding a way to charge your devices while keeping your cords contained will save you loads of headache down the road. You can also wrap your extra cords around a cord keeper while the device is in use so you don’t have dangling cords that can get caught and damage the adapter areas of your computer or smartphone.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to keep your tech gear a little more safe as you move into your hectic school season. If you can think of others, we’d love to hear from you.

Good Luck,

The FranklinPlanner Team


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