Big Idea 6: The Franklin Planner System Is Time-Tested And Proven For More Than 35 Years. It’s Not A Planning Fad.

Big Idea 6: The Franklin Planner System Is Time-Tested And Proven For More Than 35 Years. It’s Not A Planning Fad.


In an age when people are looking back to simpler times, seeking out time-tested life hacks, re-visiting retro outfits, and spinning vinyl records, the Franklin Planner couldn’t be more on trend. First created in 1984, the Original Franklin Planner is still our best-seller. It boasts our original, efficient design with crisp lines and a straightforward layout on light green paper. It’s pretty cool! And with a large variety of different colors, layouts, sizes, and designs, we’re confident you’ll find the planner that fits your unique, personal style. But with all of this, we’re still far more concerned about your success.


Because we’ve been around for a while, we speak from experience. Your Franklin Planner is based on fundamental principles of success. It’s these universal principles that make your planner powerful, and yet flexible enough to adapt to your individual lifestyle.


When Hyrum W. Smith developed the first Franklin Planner, he based it on the planning habits of Benjamin Franklin himself. Ben had a list of 13 virtues that he held dear—values that he wanted to improve upon throughout his life. He carried a small black book with him each day in which he recorded the weather, his daily activities, and the virtue he was working to improve.


After reading Franklin’s biography, Hyrum decided to implement similar practices in his own life. He researched other great thinkers, both modern and ancient, and came up with a planning system he called the Franklin Planner. After a short time, Hyrum joined forces with the renowned Stephen R. Covey. Together they taught millions of people the principles of effective living. They taught that time is not something you can control or manage, but you can learn how to control YOU. You can learn how to manage the events and activities you take part in each day. You can choose what matters most to you, and place first things first.


These powerful ideas have literally changed the world. Both Hyrum Smith and Stephen Covey have written several best-selling books. The most popular of these is Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which was noted by Forbes magazine as one of the top 20 most influential business books of the 20th century.


When it comes to living a fulfilling life and making meaningful accomplishments, the timeless principles taught by Stephen R. Covey and Hyrum W. Smith can change your life. Paramount among these ideals are the principles of identifying what matters most to you and making plans to focus your time and effort toward those endeavors. Your Franklin Planner is a time-tested tool to help you think clearly, plan your time well, and ensure that you end each day with a sense of inner peace.


Your planner will be far more effective in your life when you understand the principles behind it. If you want to gain a full understanding of why you plan and how your Franklin Planner can bring power to your planning efforts, please take our free online planner training course at


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