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Purge Your Paper

Whether you’re following along in a work meeting or keeping records at home, you’re going to end up using a lot of paper over the course of a sdfsdfdsfyear. Here are some ideas for cutting down (and then cutting up) some of your biggest paper stacks:

Old Tax Papers – You generally want to keep tax records for a period of five years. If you’ve used smart tax file organization, this makes getting rid of old years as simple as feeding a file folder through a shredder one page at a time.

Receipts – If you lean left when you sit on your wallet, it’s time to remove some of the old receipts. Update your budget and reconcile your account, and then feed the shredder.

Business Cards – If the bulge in your wallet comes from old business cards, take a moment to enter the contact information into an Excel spreadsheet. Your online contact database will be much more searchable than your wallet.

Greeting Cards – If you still have leftover greeting cards from the holidays, go through them and remove any great pictures or particularly special messages to store in your journal. Then clear your fridge of the rest.

Instruction Manuals – If you save your instruction manuals, now is the time to go through them. Discard any that belong to appliances that you’ve replaced or no longer use. (This might also be a great time to locate and donate or sell those unused apppliances.)

Last Year’s Planner – Your planner from 2013 contains a trove of information, but it does you no good if it’s scattered across your desk. A Storage Case and Sleeve will give it a tidy home on your bookshelf.

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