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Refresh Your Planner


31573_lrgcaseHas your planning session settled into a humdrum routine? Do you spend most of your time reacting to tasks from previous days? If so, then it’s time to rethink your priorities. Each week, look at all of the roles you play in your life: Parent, Grandparent, Employee, Community Member, etc. You can then plan for each role with a Weekly CoRmpass Card  and a Pouch Pagefinder.  Connect each day’s tasks with goals for fulfilling your roles, and your days will become much more satisfying.

7 Replies to “Refresh Your Planner”

  1. Keeping a planner definitely allows you to look back and see where you spend most of your time and how to adjust.

  2. Keeping a planner enables you to stay on tasks and also see your accomplishments, which will encourage you to continue to grow.

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