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Refresh Your Work Space in 4 Steps

Are you tired of staring at gray cubicle walls or blank white paint? While it’s important to add some personality to your workspace, you don’t want to clog up half your desk with your action figure collection. These three tips will help you spice up your desk while adding new levels of organization.

1. Ditch the Piles. If your desk has piles of old, useless, and irrelevant documents on it, chances are that you won’t have room to organize, let alone enjoy your work space. Before anything else, go through everything on your desk and sort out the items that need to be archived or shredded.

2. Add Personalized Organization. Now that you’ve cleared your desk, spend a week or so observing how much paperwork piles up. Once you have a sense of your inbox load, you can select coordinated desk organization products to match your needs. From woven fabric to wire mesh to eco-friendly bamboo, there’s something for you that looks great while keeping your things tidy. Even if your storage is relegated to a drawer in a filing cabinet, marking your place with personalized file folders can make your section easier to find.

3. Use Your Planner. Your planner can handle many of the things that currently clutter your desk. Rather than posting sticky notes around your monitor, write them down in your planner. You can also hole-punch quick reference documents and keep them in your planner, so you always have them on hand.

4. Finish with Personality. Now you’ve taken care of the organizational aspects, you’re free to add other elements of your personality: pictures of family and friends, calendars, artwork, perhaps a few collection items neatly arranged on an unused shelf. Before you know it, your office will seem less like a recycling center and more like home.

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