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Resolution 2014: Why Can’t I Get Organized?

By Monica Friel 

Did you make a New Year Resolution for 2014? Getting organized is the #2 resolution this year according to It always seems to be one of the top resolutions, so what are we doing wrong that it shows up again year after year? Maybe there needs to be a change in how we try to attain the status of the all elusive organized life. This year, try some of these ideas to make the goal of getting organized more attainable.

  • Be More Specific: Deciding to get organized is a very broad idea. There are many different ways you can get organized, so write down your thoughts and get as specific as you can. For example, maybe your goal is to be more organized at work. Write down the steps that will get you there. Clearing off your desk, going through old files, staying on top of email, etc… write down all the things that make you feel chaotic and then write down what would help fix it. Once you’ve zeroed in on what to do, schedule time to get the specific tasks done. Once the tasks are done, set time aside for maintenance throughout the year. Hopefully by the end of the year you can get the habit to stick and you will start to see yourself as more organized.
  • Get Accountable: there’s nothing better than having another person check in on you and keep you on track. Find a friend or co-worker who has similar goals and work together to stay accountable to each other.
  • Take it off the List: Instead of creating a New Year “To Do”, try creating a list of what “Not To Do”. We all have tasks that are important, yet they keep getting postponed. Decide what not to do, eliminate what you can, delegate where you can and create time to focus on what matters most.
  • Don’t Wait, Live Organized Now: People always set a goal to get organized, but they forget that they can live organized now. Rather than focusing on the pile of clutter that needs to be dealt with, focus on finishing every task as you do them. That means making those little decisions about what to do with each and every item. You see, they add up and become the clutter that haunts you.

If you follow these steps and set your mind on an attainable, concrete goal of maintaining organization in a particular area, it will grow and spill over into other areas of your life and you will be proud to have realized your resolution.

Monica Friel

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