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Sarah Pinto Academic Planner Giveaway

Enter to win one of three academic planners from Sarah Pinto.

We have rounded-up three of our last Sarah Pinto academic planners. Though the school year has already started, these planners are dated till the beginning of August of next year—making them still very useful!

We loved our Sarah Pinto designs and had to share these last products with you. We have one of each design, and will be giving three different winners one of the displayed planners.

567120_detailThe planners are designed to help organize anyone that is currently busy with academics. However, the planner could be useful for anyone needing some extra planning help. The weekly layout helps you organize your whole week in advance, and lets you know what is coming due in the next few days.

giveaway2-617x218To enter to win, comment on this blog post and let us know what academic year a planner helped you most:Elementary, Middle School, High School, or College? Did learning to plan at a young age help you become a more organized adult?

Three winners will be randomly selected to receive one of the three above designs. The giveaway ends October 29, and the winners will be announced Wednesday, October 30.

*We no longer carry the 2013-2014 Academic Planner by Sarah Pinto. To see current Sarah Pinto notebook designs please visit Sarah Pinto at

17 Replies to “Sarah Pinto Academic Planner Giveaway”

  1. I have used planners forever. When I was in college, my planner saved me. Between coursework, working full-time and caring for my aging grandmothers, there was so much to do. Now, as a wife, mother and career woman, nothing would get done if it were not written down!

  2. I love planners so much. They definitely helped in college. Pop quizzes are definitely surprises when I have one, but I\’m always ready for them because I always schedule readings and assignments way before the due date. Plus I love how I can schedule in my free time!

  3. I began learning how to plan my activities when I was in Junior High through note taking. It did not become as useful for me until High School when I had a lot more activity going on and things I had to keep track of. However, now that I am finishing my bachelor\’s degree and starting my master\’s program in January, it would be extremely helpful for me to keep my schedule close at hand for such important assignments and deadlines. Learning to plan at a young age helped me to be successful with time management as an adult and the continued training I received at my work place, specifically on the Franklin Planner system, helped me to stay extremely organized.

  4. An academic planner helped me the most in college because it was a larger than elementary, middle or high school. I could keep track of all of my big events as well as homework assignments. Since I was away from my family, a planner helped me keep up with all of the events.

  5. An academic planner helped me the most in college. I didn\’t even know they existed when I was in elementary, middle and high school. Today, my 3rd grade son is using his first one and I can already see the huge difference it is making for him!

  6. I live organizers! I learned to use them in elementary school. Now I am teaching my young children to do the same.

    I think capturing all \”to do\” items, helps me organize my life better.

    I hope to win one of these!


  7. College… daughter is having a rough time finding a planner that meets her needs…these look great!
    A good planner makes all the difference.

  8. I was never taught how to plan as a child, teen, or adult and did not have planners. I have a calendar & To-Do list but would love to learn how to use a planner to be even more effective in life & business.

  9. I found middle school was the most helpful to have a planner and wish to help my middle school child especially with getting more organized!

  10. The college planner would be most useful for this point in my life. I\’ve tried scheduling and planning tasks on my phone but find that having a planner that I can write in makes me more productive. I guess I\’ve just always been more keen to writing out lists and checking things off!

  11. Congratulations to our three winners of this giveaway! Herlean Younce, Doreen Walgren, and Cindy Kane will all receive one Sarah Pinto Academic Planner.
    Thank you all for your entries and feedback!

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