Scheduling Success – Making the Grade

CorX Magnetic Dry Erase Combo by Board DudesAs my grandpa used to say, “Homework is the key to a better life.” Sometimes it’s hard to see that fact, but it’s still true that the more education a person receives, the better off they are financially and in other areas. But the years-away reward of a successful career and life often loses out to the constant distractions of the moment. Here are four essentials to help you complete homework assignments on time:

1. Set up a schedule command center – When you’re dealing with several different classes, sometimes simply setting up a homework schedule can take a lot of time. Rather than shuffling papers through your backpack looking for assignments, post them all up where you can see them. Use a corkboard to post up each class’ syllabus, then make a priority list on a whiteboard. Or you can combine the two with the CorX Magnetic Dry Erase Combo.

2. Prioritize – Separate the whiteboard into spaces for each class, and list your short-term sand long-term assignments for each. Leave a section for the assignments due this week. When you sit down to do your homework, list all assignments due this week in the “Due this Week” section. Then break down longer-term assignments into tasks and list them in each class section. This will help you estimate the time you’ll need to complete long-term assignments, and make it easier for them to find their way to the “Due this Week” list.

3. Do not disturb – While working on your homework, limit distractions from cell phones, TV, and video games. Multi-tasking rarely works on mental work, so these distractions can eat into your productivity and make your homework take longer. (It’s an interesting experiment – time yourself doing homework with the TV on and with the TV off. You’ll notice the difference.)

4. Pace yourself – You know your limits. If you struggle with certain subjectsSafe Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland and find yourself getting frustrated, then take a break and give your mind a chance to regroup. Eating dinner or spending time in a different location on a hobby can give your brain a chance to unwind. But if you’re easily distracted, setting a timer can help ensure that you get back to your homework and finish it.

What strategies have helped you finish your homework on time?


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