School Supply Essentials

Protect&Store™ View Binder 1" by AveryWhether you’re sending your first child to kindergarten or close to sending your youngest off to college, one question still seems to pop up every August- what supplies do I need to buy before they go back to school? Here are six supply categories to help you pack their backpack.

1.   Writing Supplies
·         No. 2 pencils
·         Large erasers
·         Hand-held pencil sharpeners
·         Ballpoint pens in blue/black and red ink (or all three)

2.   Project Supplies
Hinsdale Multi-function Pen by FC/Cross by FranklinCovey·         Colored pencils/crayons
·         Washable markers
·         Mini stapler
·         Scissors
·         Glue sticks

3.   Study Supplies
Classic Hard Cover Ruled Notebook - Pocket by Moleskine·         Highlighters
·         Mini notebook
·         Index cards

4.   Math Supplies
·         Graphing Calculator
·         Protractor
·         Compass
·         Ruler

5.   School Organization
High School Weekly Agenda - Aug 12·         3-ring binders
·         Subject dividers
·         Pencil Case
·         Weekly agenda
6.   Between Classes
·         Insulated lunch bag
·         Hand sanitizer
·         Combination locks (one for their hall locker, one for the gym locker)

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