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FranklinPlanner’s Share Week

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Starting Monday, July 27, we will begin FranklinPlanner’s Share Week! Here’s how it works:

  1. We will post a different planner topic each day for the week of July 27 – July 31. This page ( will be updated daily with the newest topic.
  2. Respond to the prompt based on your personal experience using a planner. All topics may not apply to you. Each response must be 100 words or more.
  3. Submit your response in the provided form by midnight that day.
  4. Each day one winning entry will be selected and announced the following day on this page.
  5. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to!
  6. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and #FPShareWeek for regular updates throughout the week.

We look forward to hearing from you and happy planning!

July 31: Why FranklinPlanner?


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July 30: Made it your own?

How have you taken the Franklin Planner and made it your own? How have you personalized your planner?

July 30 winning entry: To be announced!

July 29: Changed formats?

As life changes, your preferred planner format can change. Have you switched between a daily and weekly layout? Tell us how you’ve used different formats based on your phase of life.

July 29 winning entry:

“I love Franklin Planners, I have switched to using three different formats. I began with a weekly view when I was in school, that was all I needed. In fact back then I used a weekly spiral bound, mainly because I needed something thin and very portable. I would keep myself on top of my class work by writing when papers were due and important dates for class work. Actually my school mates would contact me about when work was due, since I had everything organized and prioritized in my spiral planner. A little later in life I needed a ring binder with a 2 page daily view. I had three daughters that all played fast pitch, had school activities, birthday parties, games doctors appointments everything for their busy lives went into my planner… Now my life is all about work and I need that view of what is coming up throughout the week without turning the page seven times! I use the pagefinders for appointments that makes my life so easy I have 4, 6 and 8 weeks marked and ready! I would have never made it through life without my Franklin Planner!”  – Dyann C.

July 28: Retired and still planning?

Are you retired and still using a planner? As your schedule and routines have changed, how has your planning changed?

July 28 winning entry:

“Retired these past six years, and wouldn’t *dream* of trying to make it through the day without my Planner! Once the first shock of retirement wore off, I realized that I still needed structure to my day, and that was where my Planner really came in handy. I now have sections of my Master Task List blocked off for the month’s greeting cards, chores that are best done monthly or seasonally (furnace cleaning, anyone??), and the names of bills that have to be paid, along with the date when they were paid…”

– Meg L. 

July 27: Better together?

Do you use a smart phone/tablet AND a planner? How do you use both?
How are they better together?

July 27 winning entry:

“I find that I love my planner for my personal use but I need my online calendar to be able to coordinate with others. When I am going through my day, I love to be able to quickly jot down thoughts, notes, dates, details, etc. in my own style and my own handwriting, rather than trying to fit the information into the electronic categories available on my phone. It is so much faster for me to write and it also allows me to stay more present and focused on the people with which I am working. However, at the end of the day, I can go back and add everything from my planner onto my shared online calendar so that my friends, family, or coworkers, etc. can still have access to a synced, up-to-date calendar in order to better coordinate with one another. I’ve got to have both. One without the other is incomplete.”

-Hollie O. 

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