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Six Back To School Items Every Student Should Have

Heading to college? You’ve got a lot to pack. Of course, some things may be more important than others. If it gets too crowded in your tiny compact car, you may need to prioritize. Here are a few things that we think should remain near the top of your list.

Backpack or Tote

College students need to haul a lot of stuff around campus—textbooks, homework, laptops, etc. Having a strong backpack or tote will make carrying it all easier. If you can find one with padded compartments for both your laptop and your tablet, you’ll worry less about your favorite devices. Take a look at our selection of trendy carriers to help you keep up with college life.

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Wire Basket or Crate

Sharing a bathroom with a bunch of students can be chaotic. How do you keep track of your stuff? A wire crate is a perfect way to haul your toiletries from place to place and keep them from being used by who-knows-who. Sound like a good idea? Visit and check out LaCrate by Design Ideas. This epoxy-coated wire crate can go right into the shower with you. It holds your supplies but won’t hold water.

2013/2014 Academic Planner by Sarah PintoPlanner

With a new semester of college on the way, you’ll be busier than ever. Be sure you don’t lose track of deadlines, appointments, and fun activities by scheduling them in your planner.

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Sure, every college bookstore has notebooks. We recommend you pick up a few. While you’re at it grab our Better Than A Yellow Pad—it makes it easy to take orderly notes that you can actually follow later, so you’ll remember exactly what your professor and teammates need you to do.

Cellphone And Gadget Protection

Chances are pretty good you’ve got a new smartphone, tablet, or other device that you’d hate to break during your first semester of the year. Find the perfect cases, carriers, and accessories to add protection and character to your favorite devices at

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HamperTote by O.R.E. OriginalsA Laundry Bin That Helps Sort Your Clothes

You probably know someone who got a new dark sock mixed in with his or her white clothes on washday. If you aren’t familiar with what happens, that sock bleeds dye in the wash and will turn all those white clothes mint green. Yeah, we know through sad experience. College students are busy, but that doesn’t mean they should skip steps when they’re washing their clothes. The HamperTote by O.R.E. Originals makes sorting simple. It’s divided for colors, whites, and darks, so you’ll sort your wash each time you change your clothes. Washday will never be simpler. Find this cool hamper tote at today.


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