Spring Cleaning Checklist 2019 – Free Download

As you prepare to make a fresh start this spring, consider the roles your home plays in your life. Home is where you eat, relax, prepare, create, entertain, listen, and serve. Each room has a purpose, but they often overlap. That means you have books, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc. in more than one place. This year, let’s focus our efforts on the roles your home serves rather than honing in on each room.

Download the Spring Cleaning Checklist here:

PDF – Pocket

PDF – Compact

PDF – Classic

PDF – Monarch


2 Replies to “Spring Cleaning Checklist 2019 – Free Download”

  1. Thanks so much for this comprehensive list! And for the refreshing way you have organized it. It could seem overwhelming to think of tackling all these things, but the truth is all these things together make up our daily lives. We might as well accept it and allocate some time each day to keeping our lives uncluttered so we can be happy in our surroundings. Thanks again!

  2. It’s difficult to know why we do spring cleaning. Theories have been offered from wanting to de-soot the house once the fireplace wasn’t needed anymore. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. Keep sharing such informative articles in future, will be appreciated.

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