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Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out

If you’re feeling the weather warming up and are suddenly getting the urge to clean, you’re not alone; 91 percent of Americans participate in spring cleaning every year. However, thinking about everything you want to get done can feel overwhelming, making it hard to know where to start. Here are a few organization tips to help you feel prepared.

Organize Your Thoughts

Begin by gathering all of your sticky notes, notepads, and hastily scribbled reminders on scraps of paper, and compile them all into your planner. Not only will getting rid of this clutter make your space feel more organized, but you’ll also feel less frazzled as you know everything you need to remember is in one convenient location.

Make a Checklist

Lists help organize your thoughts and keep you accountable for the goals you’ve set for yourself. It will also help you to remember all of the tasks you’re hoping to accomplish. Not to mention it feels so good to check things off and move forward.

Spread the Work

Don’t try to get everything done in one day. Having this mindset will make you feel overwhelmed and rushed as you try to finish everything on your list. Instead, prioritize one area of your home at a time. Write a room or two down in your schedule each day and delegate some work to others in your household. Not only will the work go faster, but you’ll have less to do yourself.

Once you’ve done these simple tasks, you can now get to the dirty work. Don’t forget to make time not only for your home, but also for your schedule and goals. Spring cleaning is a great time to look over your budget, health and wellness goals, and weekly and monthly scheduling.

Taking the time to address your mental clutter will help you move forward to your physical cleaning with confidence and success.

Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Download the Spring Cleaning Checklist here:

PDF – Pocket

PDF – Compact

PDF – Classic

PDF – Monarch

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