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Spring Cleaning Motivation

All Purpose Surface Cleaner 16 oz by GrabGreenAs the cold, dreary winter months start fading away, the beauty outside starts to highlight the messes inside. It’s easy to notice, but it’s also easy to procrastinate your spring cleaning tasks with each new opportunity to get out of the house. Here are five tips to help you tackle your spring cleaning:

1. Plan It Out – the huge task of cleaning your whole home can seem daunting, but planning out how you’re going to clean one area at a time makes it seem easier. Make estimates for how long each room will take to clean, then plan them out over a day, a weekend, or a couple of weekends. Then as you clean, you can feel the accomplishment of finishing a room, even if there are more to come.

And to make sure your planning doesn’t stretch your spring cleaning into summer, set up a date for a garage sale. The deadline will help keep you focused on completing your projects.

BlueTooth Travel Speaker by Dakota Watch Co.2. Make A Playlist – like working out, working on your home goes betterwhen you make a playlist of your favorite songs. Whether you turn up your stereo or take the BlueTooth Travel SpeakerĀ and your phone from room to room, the right music can make the cleanup go quickly.

3. Declutter First – Before starting on reorganization/cleaning projects, make a quick sweep through the house and pick up any clutter or garbage. You can also set up storage bins for different purposes – one for the garage sale, one for donations, and a large garbage bag for the trash.

4. Try a New Cleaner – Before you can scour the winter dirt from your home, you’ll need to make sure you have enough cleaning products. If your previous cleanup experience leaves you with a chemical fume headache, try motivating yourself with some All Purpose Surface Cleaner from GrabGreen. With all-natural ingredients and a fresh scent, you can refresh more than just the look of your home and get rid of any lingering winter staleness.

5. Reward Yourself – Set up a reward schedule to help you and your family meet your goals. It might involve a 20-minute break after each project, or a big ice cream outing when the whole house is clean. Having something to look forward to will help you work that much faster.

Once you get started, spring cleaning can take on a life of its own, and can refresh your home for many happy weeks ahead. Go for it.



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