Spring Schedule Surprises

Every season has its own rhythm. Summer excitement leads to autumn relaxation before settling in for the sleepy winter months. But spring has a way of shaking things up, with everything from nature to your own family accelerating at different rates. While your kids might be ready to stay out as long as the sun, you might still want to hibernate. Keep up with spring’s surprises by staying ahead in your scheduling.

Two words strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere: spring forward. Daylight Savings Time pulls the rug from under your schedule – bedtimes suddenly feel like they’re an hour earlier, and school and work come an hour earlier each morning. Then spring adds in sporting events, school concerts, and old-fashioned fun outside until twilight.

Of course, kids being kids, they will expect you to keep all these events straight, reading their minds to remind them of what’s coming up. Before they blame your lack of telepathy, introduce them to the family weekly calendar. Each weekend, have a schedule review with everyone, and then let them know that if it’s not on the schedule, it will be their responsibility to make last-minute arrangements.

Once everyone has posted on the family calendar, you can transfer the appointments to your personal planner, letting you review things ahead of time. It works much better than a sticky note on the fridge.

What are your plans to stay on top of your spring schedule?

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