Staying Up Late to Healthy Sleep

Does it feel like you’re always running behind? Chances are you aren’t getting enough healthy sleep. The best way to start fresh in the morning is to get to bed at a decent hour each night. If you’re in the habit of staying up with the owls, this may take a while to correct. You can do it.

Set an alarm on your phone an hour before you’d like to go to bed, so you can start the process. None of us can just drop into bed at 10:00. We need to wind down. Also, studies show that the blue light of computer monitors, tablets, phones, and televisions confuse our body clocks because they resemble the light of early dawn. That color of light tells our minds to wake up, and is no help when we’re trying to fall asleep. Determine to turn off all electronic screens an hour before you go to bed.

Set a goal in your planner to be in bed at a reasonable hour. Mark on your monthly calendar each time you successfully retire to bed on time. Plan a reward for yourself if you have been successful 80% of the time by the end of the month.

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