Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts!

By Naomi Cook

Ok, so we haven’t reached the holidays yet, but have you looked at the calendar lately!  We are only about 2 weeks from Thanksgiving and then the madness starts!  Let’s take a crack at some of these things now, so that you have time to enjoy your holidays – imagine that!  Here are some ways to relieve some of the stress before it starts!

For now prepare for…

Feeding Time!

If you are hosting…

* Find your favorite supermarket’s circular (either paper or online), and do your holiday homework!  Online circulars are great in that you can create a printable shopping list of the sale items that are offered!

* See if they offer a free turkey (or alternative) when you spend a certain amount there before Thanksgiving.

* Look on your last store receipt to see how far away you are from that amount.

* If you still have a ways to go, then get all of the ingredients for the fixings now, because you don’t want to have to run out at the last minute and risk finding the shelves bare!

* You’ll find that a lot of those ingredients are on sale anyway and with store coupons and manufacturer coupons your savings can add up!


If you are a guest…

* Remind your host about any dietary restrictions you have.  Offer to bring something for yourself, like I do with my Tofurky!  Ok, don’t say ewww…it is actually quite delicious!

* Offer to bring a side dish or dessert and it can become a potluck affair!


Shopping Time!

* If you don’t normally buy the local Sunday paper, buy it for the next few months.

You’ll find ads for your favorite local stores with items on sale and can also

get thoughts on presents for friends and family.

* The Sunday paper is also where you will also get your manufacturer’s coupons for

your holiday ingredients!

* Flip through the magazines you subscribe too, sometimes they have valuable store

coupons on perforated cards.

* Check the covers of catalogs that come in the mail for Free Shipping deals.  Also

check around the order form to find out when you can expect delivery.

* Check your e-mail inbox for deals from your favorite catalogs and stores (that

you are subscribed to) as well.

* On a notepad jot those offers and dates down (of the catalogs you are interested

in) so they will be in one place.

* If you must, go shopping on Black Friday (although that can cause even more stress!)

or better yet partake in Cyber Monday.

* When you have found everything for everyone, consider opting out of receiving

paper catalogs (as well as other junk mail) and instead get their e-mail alerts.

Head to Catalog Choice ( for what to do!

* If you are concerned with receiving too many store e-mails, designate another

e-mail address just for them or just opt out.  Sometimes at that opt out point they

will ask you if you want less frequent e-mails.


Crisis Time!

* The inevitable may happen, and If your package has not arrived in time and you

are freaking out, get in touch with the company.

* If you get the voicemail run-around, log onto Get Human ( for how

to actually reach a human being!


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