Survey: Pick your preferred pocket configuration!

Take our survey and tell us what is most important for your binder. What features are essential? Do you like more pockets, a zipper, or a place to put your ID? You tell us!


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  1. Please can we have more binders and inserts for the pocket size? I have been a Franklin user for 20 – 25 years and have used the classic, compact, and now the pocket size (about 5 years). At this time I am using custom made day on one page inserts from a private vendor because you don\’t carry them in pocket size. I\’m always disappointed to see the fun inserts and binders that come out that aren\’t in pocket size.

  2. Thanks for the survey. Sadly, I don\’t like any of them. I don\’t know why it switched to putting the secretarial flap facing outward. It\’s not a problem with a zip binder, but it is a problem with a clasp or open binder – papers slip out.

    My favorite Classic binder (Prestigio) has C\’s left with the secretarial flap facing in, and D\’s right. And two pen loops. I like the pockets in the back, because I can use them for cards and still use a folio pad when I want one. I just wish it wasn\’t quite so stiff, and had a clasp. My next preferred Classic binder (Donna?) is unstructured, has the clasp and two pen loops but no secretarial flap. I don\’t like the gusseted zip pocket with the plaque on the right – makes it hard to write even when it\’s empty, so that binder only gets used when I need bigger rings or a clasp.

    My most-used binder is the Compact Sophia. I like the pocket configuration front and back (the supple leather almost makes up for the lack of secretarial flap). It would be perfect if it came with slightly larger rings, two pen loops and a snap clasp rather than the slide. And more colors, without weird contrast stitching like last time. The White is looking dingy now but I love it too much.

    I regularly check the site for new binders, but none work for me as well as these three. I\’m still trying to get over the fact that you used my name on a faux leather grey bulky zip binder with lots of contrast stitch 🙂 I don\’t think you could have designed a binder I would dislike more.

    My recent purchases for Compact inserts have been Kate Spade binders – 8 card slots on left, two vertical pockets and a secretarial flap in the back. Not lump, and I can still tuck a folio in the back when. I want one. The only complaint I have about them is the single minuscule pen loop.

  3. Please make Classic planners in better colors and textures. The compact line has so much variety. Would love to see that in Classic along with non-leather options.

  4. Would love to see more of the compact and pocket size binders with gold tone hardware, and larger variety of ring sizes, like the older models. On eBay, I can find compact FC\’s and Franklin Quest binders with rings up to 1.75\”! Please bring back models like the compact size Aurora, which works so well as a wallet and planner with its unstructured leather, zipper pocket, lots of card slots & secretarial pockets, and 1.25\” gold tone rings. I agree with the earlier commenter that all secretarial pockets in open (non-zippered) binders should be INSIDE facing, so papers are more secure. I loved the Tailor binder, why was that limited edition only? Please bring that back. I personally did not care for the strap over the card slots, but the rest of the binder was amazing. Would love to see options for removeable/replaceable ring mechanisms in both silver and gold tone.

  5. Bringing an old Franklin Pocket Planner back to life

    I have been traveling extensively with a smart phone. I have gotten concerned about battery life, loss or damage to the device, and loss of network access. I have repurposed a 19 year old calfskin \”Franklin Quest\” (not \”Franklin Covey\”, this one is pre-merger) Trimline Pocket binder and now it is my \”Analog Bug Out Book\”.

    Paper doesn\’t need a battery recharge

    Here\’s what I have in it:

    – Cover page points to an emergency profile at
    – Phone list with 71 vital contacts; I could reboot my life or attempt to fix a journey gone sideways, with only those contacts, so long as I had access to a phone
    – Speaking of phone, let\’s say the phone was a friend\’s phone, or a hotel phone, and I had no mobile. Then I\’d need an old fashioned calling card for long-distance or overseas calls. I bought a modern calling card service from and I have 2000 USA minutes
    – Spare credit card
    – Cash
    – Not sure about a blank check; I\’d hate myself if someone stole my bank codes
    – Franklin Covey two pages per day… but because it\’s not my primary info management system, I am going to insert two (maybe three) weeks\’ worth of undated two pages per day forms. Before I travel, I will record my complete itinerary so if my phone goes to blazes, I\’m not following it there
    – Lined sheets to write on
    – Hotel and air loyalty cards
    – Miscellaneous reference information
    – Postage stamps in days gone by, but currently, no
    – Google Backup codes (I use two-factor authentication, but if my phone is down, I can use these)

    I\’ve learned to carry a fully-charged prepaid old fashioned \”dumb\” phone with me. Remember dumb phones? They would stay charged for days? I got the SIM card for my quad-band GMS dumb phone from, I can roam the planet and call anywhere for a moderate amount of money. The phone is so dumb it\’s smart.

  6. Thank you for offering a few planners with gold hardware. I\’d love to see more! Especially with a streamlined design.

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