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FranklinPlanner Turns 35!

2019 marks our 35th year of planning.

This year we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the FranklinPlanner! Checkout the infographic below for some highlights, milestones and facts about how the planner has evolved and grown in the past 35 years. It wouldn’t be possible without our amazing FranklinPlanner users!  

Fatherhood Helpers

Fatherhood helpers

As parents ourselves, we’re pretty sure you remember the day you brought your first child home from the hospital. Walking through the door with your child was a thrill, but it was also an uneasy time. You probably felt exhausted. It’s hard to sleep in a hospital bed, and even harder when you’re trying to …

How Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues Shaped the Franklin Planner

Ben Franklin preview

This week we celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. It’s a time to ponder the great men and women who dared to dream of a free nation ruled not by a monarch, but by law. Among those amazing founders was Benjamin Franklin. He was a great statesman, businessman, father, inventor of bi-focals, swim flippers, lightening …

5 Questions to Answer to Get You Out of Your Planning Rut

Get out of your planning rut

Everyone experiences periods of life when life events make it harder to keep up with your plans. At times like these, you may feel like your daily planning sessions have become less effective, that you’re stuck in a planning rut. The key to getting back on track with your planning is to analyze what’s working …

4 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Planner for 2016

With the holiday season approaching, it’s a great time to order your 2016 planner. But with such a wide selection of planner formats, sizes, and designs, selecting the right planner for you may be a little daunting. Answer the following questions while selecting your planner, and you’ll find the one that’s tailored for your planning …

Cooper Leather Binder

Add some space to your binder with Cooper’s deep pockets. Crafted from soft leather in timeless colors like tan and black, this binder features two pen loops, five card slots, a large side pocket, and a deep pocket in the back. Binders available in Compact and Classic sizes, with Wire-bound Covers in Classic. Compact Binder: Measures 6.25” W …

The 5 Choices to Reach Extraordinary Productivity

There’s an interesting psychological term used to describe the feeling of being overworked: burnout. The term comes from drag racing, where drivers spin their wheels at high speeds, creating massive amounts of friction to burn off irregularities on their tires while not actually going anywhere. All too often, that description also sums up a work …

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