Plan Future Trips

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Few things are more exciting than a summer trip. One extra exciting thing, however, is saving money on booking the travel and activities for your trip. After you finalize your plans, create a recurring task to check rates during the weeks leading up to your departure date.  The more you check, the more likely you’ll …

Use Your Forms


Often, the level of detail you put into your plans makes all the difference between completing a goal and just coming close. Our specialized forms give you the space you need to capture these details and record your progress, whether you’re looking to expand your note-taking, balance your budget, track your fitness, or expand your …

Make a Tax List

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With tax season upon us, it’s time to get all your finances in order. Help the process along with a list of the steps you still need to take: gathering documentation, purchasing tax software, planning time to do it yourself or submit your documents to your accountant. As you complete each step, mark it off …

Take Time to Celebrate

Take Time to Celebrate

As you complete your goals, take a moment to celebrate your success. There will always more you can do to improve, but for the moment, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that only comes from positive personal change. This feeling is the best motivation to continue setting goals and furthering your progress.

Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the Saw

Stephen R. Covey told a famous story: Two lumberjacks challenged each other to see how many trees they could cut down in a single day. One lumberjack started right off, while the other spent 45 minutes sharpening his saw.  The first lumberjack mocked the second, felling tree after tree. But as time went on, the …

Back to Basics

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Innovation is an important part of life. It’s important to improve on the status quo and make new discoveries. Sometimes, however, the best discovery comes when you find that your current practices remain effective in a changing world. As you plan your life, focus on the tried and true planning principles you’ve learned with your …

Carpe diem!

How often do we say, “If only I had one more day?” Well…here it is! Leap Day is a gift you receive only once every four years. Enjoy it! Make a list in your planner of all those things you wish you could do with an extra day, then make something special happen.

Plan Your Day

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The key to success isn’t doing multiple things at the same time. It’s doing the right things at the right time. The Prioritized Daily Task List in your FranklinPlanner is a powerful tool to keep your tasks in mind throughout the day. As you list out your daily tasks, mark each one with a priority. …