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Ode to The Busy Mother

Mother and child

Here’s to those of you who are literally shaping society—molding the next leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and agents of change. It’s a big job, yet it isn’t your only job. Moms are busy. You’re volunteers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, managers, bus drivers, firefighters—you name it. Even so, Mother is the job title you wear all the …

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday of May. This year, it’s May 12—a little later than you might have expected. But that’s no reason to procrastinate your gifts for the mothers in your life. You’re sure to remember your wife, your mother, and mother-in-law, but you may also choose to do something special for …

Gifts for Mom

By Sarah DeVoll What comes to mind when you think of past Mother’s Day presents? For me, it’s purple thread and caramels. As a little girl, I used to wander through the local Ben Franklin store, looking for the perfect gift. Spools of thread were a favorite. All those gorgeous colors in the tiered thread display promised …

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