Tax Time Encouragement and Support

Tax Time Encouragement and Support

With only a couple weeks until April 15, tax season is upon us. Hopefully you’ve been keeping careful track of your documents throughout the previous year and have everything ready to go. Sorting through paperwork takes time and leaves us with stacks of paper on the counter, desk, or even the floor. But what if we sorted and recorded these documents as they came into our home? What if we had a designated place for tracking all things tax related that could make filing easier? Guess what – you already do.

Your planner is the ideal place to track your tax-related activities. Mark in your planner when you give charitable donations, pay medical bills, purchase items for your business, or spend money on energy-saving home improvements. As you mark these items in your planner, note the value of your donations, or the price you paid.

Keep a list on each monthly index page of tax related activities that occur during the month and the date that they happened. This will make finding any additional information related to your income or expenses quick and easy later, if necessary. Simply turn to your Monthly Indexes, find the date the event occurred, turn to the page when that event happened, and you’ll be able to read the notes you took regarding that event and recall the other activities of the day.

You can also add some of our helpful forms to your planning to remove the chaotic scramble of searching for specific information. When everything is in one place, there’s no need to stress about surprises that will likely come up. You simply open your planner and everything you need is within its pages.

None of us want to face an audit, but if we use our planners to their fullest potential, we would be able to manage any sort of scrutiny related to our income, expenses, and our standing regarding our taxes. If this year’s deadline is looming and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, remember that next year can be a lot easier. Start easing your tax burden today with these helpful products: Auto Mileage Log, Alphabetical Tabs, Information Record, Check Register, and Expense Envelopes.

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