Tech Accessory Renaissance

Throughout the history of computers, accessories have played a huge role. Some have been fads that have come and gone, and some have become essential to modern life. I can remember playing text-based games on a computer that didn’t even have a mouse, only to discover the amazing ease of point and click.

In today’s world, the march has gone the other way. Today’s tablets and smartphones can take care of things that would have required seven different pieces back in 1995 – a film camera, a calculator, a personal computer, a handheld game system, an answering machine, a dial-up computer modem, and, yes, even a computer mouse.

Despite the push to simplify (and contrary to the opinions of die-hard tech fans), we have yet to invent the device that does everything. And as we’ve made our tech solutions more portable, we’ve also increased the risk to our investment. Leaving a disposable camera on the tour bus was much less traumatic – today, losing your iPhone is like someone robbing your house of all your electronics and writing down your bank account number while they’re at it.

So as you go pick up new tech devices, it’s worthwhile to invest in smart accessories to keep them safe. Here at, we’ve got a wide selection for the iPad line, the Kindle Fire, and other eReaders and smart phones. With so many differences, there are few one-size-fits-all approaches anymore – older covers and cases might block cameras or other ports, for example. Your case won’t do much good if you forget to put it back on after taking a picture.

Another great solution for tech protection (and an answer to the nightmare phone loss scenario) – the iKeep from Poldera. With a retractable cable, it keeps your iPhone connected to you and makes it nearly impossible to drop or leave behind. If your teenager has lost three iPhones already, this is a must-have.

One of the greatest drawbacks of portable devices is that they miss some of the benefits of traditional computer stations – a place where you can sit down and focus on typing an email on a keyboard you can feel, or where you can watch a video without craning your neck 45 degrees. Whether you’re sending comments to the creative team or streaming a show on Hulu, the WorkStation is the perfect accessory – functional, compact, and compatible.

So until we have an indestructible device that interfaces through brainwaves, tech accessories can take your great device and make it perfect for your needs.

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