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The Basics of Organizing

You can say a lot about organization specifics – the best way to organize a junk drawer, great strategies for handling bills, or the proper order for your medicine cabinet. Sometimes, though, it’s just handy to live by basic organization principles and apply them where needed. Try applying these basic organizing rules to your daily life:

  • Everything Has a Home: or, as the old saying goes, a place for everything, and everything in its place.
  • Decide Quickly: it’s easy to spend more time thinking about the easiest way to accomplish a task than it would take to do it the hard way. Pick a strategy and get it done.
  • Delegate: you can’t do it all – don’t be afraid to let others help you.
  • Be Honest about Time: it takes time to plan, time to communicate, and time to execute. In your schedule, give your self enough time to plan and give every project a time cushion – you never know when a short simple project will hit an unexpected snag.
  • Follow the Rules: just as children perform better and are happier when given boundaries, when you develop and follow your own rules, you spend less time arguing with yourself and more time accomplishing your goals.
  • Establish Accountability: let someone else know of your goals, whether it’s a trusted family member or a professional co-worker. It can provide some powerful motivation for keeping with your plan.

Like the old proverb of giving a man a fish, if you apply these rules in your daily life, you’ll stay organized for more than just a day.

Do you have any organizing rules you live by?



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