The Franklin Five: April 2021

Franklin Five April 2021

Our updated checklist design has a clean look and includes five tasks to try during the month (along with space to create your own). It also includes key dates for the month and a fun color-able border design. We hope you’ll find this to be an extra help in your planning sessions.

April Checklist Pocket Size:   PDF

April Checklist Compact Size: PDF

April Checklist Classic Size: PDF

April Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

Franklin Five Checklist April 2021


5 Replies to “The Franklin Five: April 2021”

  1. These are great! Very helpful. I printed the first one out last month and just printed the one for this one.

  2. I first used the classic planner back in the late 1990’s in business ventures.
    Later in life around 2013 I started using this planner again for a few years and once again starting now April 2021 and hopefully for a long time forward, I have seen the planner system To be the same, steadfast now and always since I started using it many years ago.

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