The Franklin Five: March 2021

You spoke and we listened!  Starting with March 2021 we welcome back the monthly Franklin Five form. We’ve updated the design with a cleaner look that includes five tasks to try during the month (along with space to create your own). It also has key dates for the month and a fun colorable border design. We hope you’ll find it an extra help in your planning sessions.

March Checklist Pocket Size: PDF

March Checklist Compact Size: PDF

March Checklist Classic Size: PDF

March Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

9 Replies to “The Franklin Five: March 2021”

  1. You kept your printed promise of providing free downloadable checklists. Thank you! The Franklin Five is clean, clear, has some fun dates and a good motivator. “MY COMPLIMENTS” to you this March 1.

  2. I love these, it helps remember key dates and observances. I would live to have better cut guides so I can cut it more square for my planner.

  3. With the return of the Franklin Five, I trust that there will be a Spring Cleaning 2021 updated download for April 2021!

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