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How to Choose the Perfect Binder in 2015

With all the technology designed to save us time and allow for more rest and relaxation, it’s a bit ironic that we’re all just as busy as ever. Without a written plan most of us would come unraveled during the course of the day. Thankfully we have our planners. Like an external hard drive for our brain, they store important things we’d otherwise forget. Our planners keep us on schedule, remind us of promises we’ve made, and help us to be more reliable. Our planners help hold us together.

Binders and covers hold our planners together. They keep them from coming unraveled and protect them from daily bumps and dings. They also add a touch of flair to our everyday style. It’s important, then, that we select the binder or cover that’s right for us.

Choosing the right binder is really simple—pick the one you like. We aren’t trying to over-complicate the issue. What we’d like to do, though, is point out a few things to consider when you purchase your binder.

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A Binder or A Cover?

Which planner do you use? Is it ring-bound or wire-bound? Ring-bound planners require a binder to keep them together, but the binder does much more than that. Depending on which binder you choose, you’ll be able to organize your business cards, pens, ID cards, checkbooks, loose documents, and even notepads.

FranklinPlanner binders are available in several sizes. Larger rings allow you to hold more planner pages at a time, but for some people they can feel a little bulky. Smaller rings fit more comfortably in your hand, though you may need to carry fewer months worth of planner pages at a time.

Wire-bound planners are already bound together and could stand alone if necessary, but a wire-bound cover adds color, style, and all of the organizing power of a ring-bound binder. You’ll find a wide array of both in our online store.


Whether you’re looking for the rich look and feel of leather or the durability of vinyl, you’ll find several beautiful binders in a wide array of materials. Most of our binders and covers are leather: genuine, Napa, pebbled, or full-grain. They have a great touch and a striking appearance. You’ll also find great binders made from faux leather, vinyl, and other beautiful, durable materials.


How would you like your binder to close? Would you prefer a zipper closure that encases everything, or is a more open feel acceptable? Several of our binders zip shut while others have a strap closure that simply wraps from the back cover and tucks into a slot on the front. Others snap shut, and some are open, meaning they don’t have a closure at all. There are a few creative additions to this list. Some of our snaps are magnetic and some of our straps have a locking buckle. Keep this feature in mind as you browse our site for your ideal binder.


All of our binders and covers have pockets or slots for cards—business cards, ID, credit cards, etc., and they all have at least one pen loop. Beyond that, you’ll have to check the information on our website. Some binders have gusseted zipper pockets, some have document pockets, some offer a place for your checkbook, and still others give you a slot for a notebook in the back coLeaver. What you choose will depend on how you intend to use your binder.


Your binder can say a lot about your personal style. Binders can add a professional touch with traditional polished leather, or bring a playful flair with a bold pop of color. With our wide variety of binders and covers, you’re likely to find just what you’re looking for in our online store. You’ll find beautiful binders in black, brown, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, violet, and other hues.

Structured or Unstructured

Most of our binders and covers are made with a sturdy material inside to help them hold their shape, but not all of them are. Some of our most popular binders are unstructured, allowing the leather to bend naturally in any direction. If you’re looking for that loose feel in your leather binder, look for an unstructured binder or cover.

The perfect binder is a matter of personal preference. With so much to consider, you may decide to own more than one, so you can change up your planner to match your mood. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it is of great quality. We maintain a high standard at because we want you to be completely satisfied.

As we move into 2015, we wish you a great year filled with many successful endeavors, and we hope you find the perfect binder to protect all of your ambitious plans.

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  1. 2 penloops
    Notepad pocket on back, secretarial pocket on front
    Tabbed closure
    Any color but black
    Big rings (1 1/2\”-2\”)

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