The Strength of Paper

In today’s digital world, many of us have forgotten how powerful paper can be.  Paper is more than just wispy white stuff with words on it. It’s your game board, your storage boxes, your lamp shade, even the backing of your bookshelf. Paper is everywhere. And it’s incredibly durable. It can even withstand your hectic schedule!

Your Franklin Planner is the paper tool that holds up to whatever life throws your way—if you put it into action. A few minutes with your planner each day can save you hours throughout the course of your week. This detailed video will remind you how to utilize your Franklin Planner to get the most out of each day. Get ready; this might just expand your mind!

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Check Out What One of Our Clients Says About Her Planner

“I’ve been using Franklin Planners for many years.  Having five kids and my own accounting business means that our lives have always been very busy. Ensuring that I have a way to keep everything successfully organized is really important to me, and an absolute necessity.

When I was introduced to Franklin Planner, I really loved the look of the binders and the planners.  They looked professional, and the planner was easy to use. The planning system made sense and helped me sort out what needed to be done and when.

Nowadays, I use a classic binder.  I had always used a compact previously, but I like having the extra space to write on. I’ve moved away from the plain brown leather binders I used for years.  Now my current binders are sunshine yellow, peach, blue, and pink, and I’m currently using the Blooms planner.  When I’m drowning in work, it’s nice to have something special that, while being an excellent tool to help you organize and plan your tasks, gives you a boost as well. My planners make me happy because they are beautiful to look at and work with.

I especially like having all the other information I need in one place – the projects I’m working on, my meeting notes, and my goals.”

Nellie Shaw

Nellie is a mother of 5 and a successful small business owner in New Zealand.

2 Replies to “The Strength of Paper”

  1. I have been using the Franklin Planner system since 1989. I was a salesperson in a showroom and without it I could have NEVER been as
    successful as I was. It kept me organized, taught me about goals for my career and my personal life. I just retired and still have
    my planner by my side. I’m looking forward to retirement with Franklin and my new RED Leather Binder that I bought many years ago just for this time in my life (goals and planning)! Thank you for being there these last 32 years and hopefully many more.

  2. I left Franklin Planner after 16 years for another paper planning system. That company seems to be going out of business so I am back with FP. I am really happy to be back, Franklin is the best.

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