Big Idea 1: Your Franklin Planner Is The One Thing That Changes Everything—Everyday

Big Idea 1: Your Franklin Planner Is The One Thing That Changes Everything-Everyday


Have you noticed that the world we live in is growing ever more chaotic? Today’s digital information age is overwhelming our minds and sabotaging our productivity. We’re constantly interacting with our devices—being bombarded with noise, alarms, and the urgencies of the day. It’s exhausting! With all that is coming at us, it’s hard to focus on the things that truly matter.


What if there’s a simple solution?

What if you could shut out that noise for a few minutes and focus on the things that make you feel alive? What if you could anchor your daily actions to the people, ideals, and values you hold dear—without drifting into areas that waste your time and energy? After all, time is the most valuable currency you have. You’re going to use every second of it daily. Why not ensure that you make those seconds meaningful? You can, with the simple technology of pen and paper in your Franklin Planner System. (We know, it sounds simplistic—but hear us out!)


Time is what life is made of.

Your time truly is your most valuable currency. What you choose to do with your time is critical. Time changes people. Experiences change people. You have the power to choose many of the experiences you’ll have each day!


Spending Verses Investing

The question is: Are you spending your time, or are you investing it? An investment pays you back—it rewards your efforts with value over time. When you spend, you simply give your time away for the moment. That’s why it’s so important that you understand how to invest your time. Your Franklin Planner serves as a daily reminder—encouraging you to invest your time in meaningful ways. Here are a few ways your Franklin Planner will change your life:


Daily Reflection—The best chance you have against this noisy, messy world is to dedicate time to quiet reflection. Unrushed, daily planning with pen and paper allows you time to unwind and focus on the things that truly matter.


Determine What Matters Most To You—You have unique desires and motivations that set you apart from everyone else on the planet. These personal aspirations, values, and motivations originate deep within you and direct your actions. Your planner is the ideal place to list and assess your core values—and determine to act upon them.


Align Your Actions With Your Values—When you start the day focused on activities that support and strengthen your core values—the people, skills, beliefs, and ideas, that you hold most dear, your confidence will grow. You’ll fall into bed each night with a sense of meaningful accomplishment.


When you use your Franklin Planner to invest your time, you’ll discover that it’s the ultimate game changer in your daily life. You’ll find that it’s easier to:

  • Work toward your most important goals every day
  • Be extraordinarily productive
  • Become and stay organized
  • Use your time meaningfully
  • Improve your thinking skills and memory
  • Connect with and value others
  • Lead others with skill and consideration
  • Build trust
  • Gain daily inner peace
  • Lead a satisfying life


That sounds like a huge promise, but we’ve seen all of this happen in the lives of millions of people from all walks of life over the past 35 years. That’s right, 35 years! We’ve been at this a while and know a thing or two about maximizing your quality time.


Press The Pause Button

Like any other computer, your mind can become fragmented with all the input you face each day. Remove yourself from the hustle, free your mind to contemplate what matters, and plan daily meaningful actions. As you defragment, sort, and prioritize, you’ll determine what belongs where in your life.


Today’s Franklin Planner is the one thing that can change everything that matters to you everyday! It has never been more powerful, relevant, and vital! So how about it? Why not pick up your own Franklin Planner today and start making the ultimate difference in your daily life?


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