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Time to Start Planning for Summer!

As the weeks count down to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, it’s time to start planning for your fun getaways. Whether you’re crossing the globe to exotic places or crossing town to visit Grandma, preparing your vacation in advance will help things go much more smoothly.

If you’re planning a family visit, then it’s never too early to open up dialogue. You’ll want to coordinate work schedules, travel arrangements, and accommodations for your stay, especially if your family is spread out over large geographical distances. As you talk with your family, write the details in your planner for reference.

Whether you’re visiting extended family or simply spending time with your own, it pays to prepare in advance. You can often save on airfare and get a better hotel room selection when you book your tickets and accommodations well in advance. As you compare these rates, make notes in your planner. Print off hotel reviews and make note of their star ratings, then stick the printout in a pocket in your binder.

If you’re planning a vacation with outdoor activities, make a list of the things you’ll need to bring with you, such as camping gear, climbing equipment, flotation safety devices, etc. Locate the items on your list, as many of them are likely in storage. Check to make sure they’re clean and in good repair. If something is broken or missing, you’ll have time to order it online, giving you more options on price and a wider selection.

Your vacation time isn’t limitless. Wherever you go, there will undoubtedly be more attractions, events, and sights than you can cram into a few short days. After choosing your destination, conduct a social poll of family and friends, both in person and on social media. You can learn which destinations are must-sees and which are tourist traps, which helps alleviate the pressure to visit everything on a long itinerary. After all, a crammed vacation misses the point of an escape from a crammed life.

Start planning your vacation today, and you can avoid many of the bumps and rough patches that make getting away such hard work.

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