Big Idea 7: The Franklin Planner Is Simple To Use, Effective, And Sustainable

Big Idea 7: The Franklin Planner Is Simple To Use, Effective, And Sustainable


Most of us know that establishing a planning routine is a fundamental part of living the life we desire. The challenge is making that routine a habit in our daily life. You may have tried planning before and found it difficult to maintain.


Beginning something new can seem overwhelming, and committing for the long term can feel daunting. With the Franklin Planner system, you can let go of those emotions. This system is simple to start and continue—no matter what your attitude or approach to planning has been in the past.


The beauty of the Franklin Planner System is that it doesn’t start where most planners start. It isn’t initially concerned with tomorrow’s board meeting or the PTA fundraiser. You can purchase a Franklin Planner and simply jump into your daily activities if you’d like, but the secret to effective planning is the internal connection you have with your plans. The key is to determine why your plans matter to you.


Once you’ve established what matters most in your life and why, planning becomes more exciting. You’ll start planning your average day with the same enthusiasm you have when you plan your next vacation. Why? Because the things you’re planning matter—they have meaning in your personal life!


Your Franklin Planner System will be far more powerful if you take the time to discover what you value at your core—what makes you tick. Determine what your core values are, list them in your planner, and build your plans out from there. We have all sorts of ways to support you as you move through the planning process with our adaptable, simple approach. We offer training, ideas, inspiration, and support through a variety of outlets to fit your personal style. So get started with your plans today, knowing we’ve got your back.



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  1. Thank you for this page.
    I’d love to learn more about how to chunk up tasks and learn HOW TO navigate decisions that make something a priority and I know I learn best through videos. Do you have a video that I could watch to help me with this skill?

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