Transitioning From Summer To Autumn

Newt II S by OgioSummer is quickly coming to a close with the rush of autumn right on its heels. For most of us, school is beginning—bringing with it homework and extra activities. It’s time to prepare for a major shift. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you transition.

Get Enough Sleep

Start making smart habits today. Get up just a little earlier so you can get a head start on breakfast before the kids have to run out the door. Plan to be in bed sooner so your whole family is rested during the school year. This early transition is usually difficult for kids who are used to staying out late and sleeping in during the summer.

Homework Time

Set aside a time each day for homework and make sure you don’t plan activities on top of it. Make it a distraction-free time without TV, radio, and cell phones. If any of  your children finish early, make sure they don’t interrupt their siblings.

Keep Track of Their Backpacks

Backpack Rack by JokariA new school year always means a new backpack full of books and assignments. Make sure they don’t lose their packs with this handy backpack organizer rack that you can hang on the inside of your closet door. It’s perfect organization without taking up valuable space—and they’ll always know where their homework is.

What To Wear?

Set aside your clothes before you go to bed so you aren’t wasting precious time in the morning trying on several outfits that you just don’t like. Better yet, organize your clothes for the week in your hanging closet organizer and eliminate that worry for the whole week.

Streamline Mealtime

Now that everyone is busier, it’s even more difficult to prepare a meal the family can enjoy. Don’t bother. Rather than cooking every evening, just cook two or three times a week but prepare more than you normally would. Don’t like “leftovers?” Just freeze the extra food and bring it out a week or so later and reheat it. By then nobody will feel like they’re eating leftovers—the meal will be new again.

Stock Up On Non-foods

It’s common to stock up on food during the colder months so you aren’t running to the store every other day, but it’s also wise to stock up on other essentials. Buy several packages of toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. With cold and flu season just around the corner, you’re going to need them. While you’re at it, pick up some decongestant, pain reliever / fever reducer, and cough syrup as well.

Organize Your Shower

Shower Caddy by All for ColorMake sure you can take quick showers in the morning by keeping your shower organizer stocked with the essentials. Be sure you have plenty of shampoo and conditioner on hand, just in case you run out in the middle of the week and can’t make it to the store for a while.

Making the transition from summer to fall is really just a matter of thinking ahead. Take a few minutes and write down everything you can think of that you’d like to be ready to handle before it happens. Now make a plan to do it.



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