Using Your Planner as a Gratitude Journal

It’s strange how easy it can be to find discontent in your life. You might be looking at your neighbor’s green grass on the other side of the fence, or peering out from your cubicle at the walled office next to you.  It can be tempting to compare yourself unfavorably to those around you, highlighting the differences between your life and theirs and finding your life wanting.

Of course, your neighbor wishes he could grow tomatoes as tasty as yours, and your co-worker in the corner office is wishing she could sit out in the open where the air conditioning worked properly.

Wanting something better is a completely normal and universal human emotion. But your level of happiness during the time you identify a desire and the time you achieve it depends on how you choose to think, and what you choose to remember.

Keeping a gratitude journal helps in both of these areas.

When you develop a practice of writing down something you’re grateful for each day, no matter how small, it gives you a chance to be honest with yourself about the good parts of your life. Your FranklinPlanner is a great place to develop this habit, with the planning process giving you time to reflect and space to write.

On the worst of days, you might simply be grateful that the day is over. But over time, your journal will prove that your worst days aren’t every day. You’ll discover that life isn’t always good or always bad, and that the obstacles you face are simply moments in time – whether you succeed or fail, your life continues.

The only truly helpful comparison you can make is to your previous self. Your gratitude journal will give you an accurate record of your life and your feelings, without the influence of your current mental state.

Of course, a beautiful, productive life doesn’t come without effort. You need to identify who you are now and then make a plan for who you want to be. When you track your goals with your FranklinPlanner, the process makes it easier to ignore life’s small jealousies along the way. Knowing where you are on the path to your goal helps keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak, and not imaging competitors around you taking away an imagined supply of limited happiness.

Your happiness is only limited to your capacity to see it. With smart personal management and an attitude of gratitude, you’ll build a successful, satisfying life.

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